NOAQ Boxwall

The NOAQ Boxwall BW52 is a freestanding temporary flood barrier. It is designed specifically for the urban environment, with even surfaces like asphalt streets, but it works as well on lawns etc. 

A NOAQ Boxwall BW52 is able to dam 50 cm of water and is self-anchoring. It is automatically ballasted by the own weight of the flood water. The higher the water rises, the harder the barrier is pressed firm against the ground. Utilizing the weight of the water, the barrier itself doesn’t need to be heavy. 

Individual ”boxes” weigh only 6,1 kg each and the barrier not more than 6.8 kg per meter. This makes it easy to use, and very fast. Two people can build 200 linear metres of boxwall in an hour. A Boxwall is built by snapping the boxes together. No tools are needed

Gradual curves are made by connecting the boxes at a slight angle, and for corners there are specific corner boxes. The Boxwall can also be used during a flash flooding event to divert water away from vulnerable areas. A number of boxes are put in the flowing water and will stick directly to the ground. 

The boxes are stackable, which means they require very little space for storage and transport. 26 boxes (23 m) fit on a standard pallet.

There is also a higher Boxwall model, the BW102, which is able to hold back 100 cm of water.

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NOAQ Tubewall

NOAQ Tubewall is a temporary flood barrier. It consists of a number of air inflated sections (”tubes”) that are interconnected by ordinary zips to form a continuous protective barrier. The NOOAQ Tubewall is an airinflated flood barrier. It is self-anchoring and easy to install. The NOAQ Tubewall is adaptable to uneven surfaces.

The NOAQ Tubewall comes in three sizes, TW50, TW75 and TW100

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NOAQ Boxpool

NOAQ Boxpool BP50 is a temporary basin for storing liquids of different kinds. Clean water, contaminated water, firewater, dredged material etc. It can also be used for temporarily storage of dry matter like sawdust, wood chips and pellets.

A NOAQ Boxpool is assembled by the same components (”boxes”) as the NOAQ Boxwall, our mobile flood barrier, which means the same device can be used for two quite different purposes.

A NOAQ Boxpool can be any size. Here are three models, BP50-1, BP50-8 and BP50-38, containing 1, 8 and 38 cubic metres resp.

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NoFloods FlexWall

Based on the NoFloods technology a logic, intelligent and efficient mobile barrier that uses the threat to create the solution. The NoFloods Flex Wall offers a smart solution for short-scale flood protection.

RAPID AND VERSATILE. The design allows water to flow inside the barrier facilitating instant stabilization and automatic and gradual deployment with the upcoming floodwater.

EASY INSTALLATION. The optional ballasting chain on the front flap helps to stabilize the barrier and makes the installation on all surfaces possible.

SUSTAINABLE. The NoFloods Flex Wall can easily be extended to protect larger areas and is 100% reusable. It takes up very little storage space

NoFlood FlexWall is available in a range of heights from 25cm to 150cm and in lengths of 5 and 10m.

NoFloods Weight belt for FLEXWALL Increases friction and keeps the membrane in place in case of deploying in streams or strong currents. The weight is approx. 3kg per meter.

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NoFloods Water Tube Solutions

The Water-filled Inflatable Flood Barriers are based on innovative technology developed and tested in Denmark. NoFloods Barrier™ technologies are subject to several patents and patent applications around the world. 


The NoFloods Basic is recommended for lengths of between 5 and 25 meters. It does not make use of junctions or terminals but can be extended.

Semi Pro

NoFloods SEMI-PRO is a great solution recommended for small and medium-scale deployments ranging from 15 to 100 meters. You benefit from the water filling in the terminals or junctions. You may benefit from the “dynamic” length of tube. Just pull out or roll out the needed length. Closes tight against a wall and other surfaces.


The “Pro” removable and inflatable flood barrier offers a superior solution for professionals and first responders. The flood barrier is flexible and cost-efficient for large-scale flood control from 50 up to 1.000 meters or more. Each section can be continuously extended using junctions to create an almost infinite length/ prolongation of the barrier. The barriers can be configured with different Terminals and Junctions, depending on the location, distance, water height, duration, intended use etc.

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NoFloods Alu Barrier

The NoFloods ALU (Aluminium) Barrier offers one of the most effective, resistant and long-lasting solutions for flood mitigation and loss reduction on the market. The high strength and lightweight of the aluminum structure gives a barrier that is easy to install, robust, flexible, reusable.

REMOVABLE AND EXTREMELY STRONG FLOOD-BARRIER: It uses aluminium as core material and a waterproof membrane to create Removable Aluminium Flood Barrier that is extremely resistant.

FAST AND EASY INSTALLATION: The NoFloods Removable Flood Barrier follows an easy and logical step-by-step assembly procedure. Combined with the aluminium’s low weight, the flood barrier makes it suitable for personnel with limited training. No external equipment or special tool is necessary for the installation.

STABILITY: It is possible to assemble the barrier on all the common surfaces, such as grass, gravel and asphalt, without it sliding. It does not require supplementing anchoring.

The ALU Barriers are available in different heights: 50 cm, 70 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm